Monday, March 20, 2006


Who wears short shorts?

I sewed these shorts from what's left over of a half yard of plaid shirting I had left over from the tin whistle pouch project. The lack of fabric dictated the shortness of these shorts, and my inadequate drafting skills resulted in the necessity for the additional side panels to make them bigger. However, now that they're done, I really think the shortness is what makes those shorts and I really like the topstitch details that define the two little side panels. Not something I would wear out, of course, but very comfortable and cute nightwear.
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To be honest, I made those quite a few days ago (can you tell they've been slept in before I took this picture?) but hesitated to post about them because they don't look right when photographed on their own, but I wondered whether modelling such a scanty item on a publically accessable blog would be tacky. Then I got over it. After all, short as they are, theses shorts are not exactly lingerie.
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Here's a close-up picture where you can see what I mean about the side panels. I've basically just topstitched them to the back and front of the pants, leaving a little vent in the front topstitched seam for comfort. I wonder if this side-panel trick is something I can use in other apparel, even when I didn't forget to add ease when making the main pattern. They add a little style and I think they're slimming.

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