Sunday, March 05, 2006


Site to inspire

Even though I am just a humble home sewer and she is a kickass designer-entrepreneur, I'm loving Kathleen Fasanella's Fashion Incubator site and in awe of the tutorials there. It'll probably be a while before I become skilled enough to take advantage of the tutes. Meanwhile, I'm lurking and listening, and hopefully some of Kathleen's passion and exactitude would rub off on me.

Hi Angelica
This is so funny, I followed a link to your blog having never been here before (I thought the title was interesting) and voila, my name loads in the first entry, lol. I'm glad you like the site. I need to update my tutorials index...a lot of the tutorials aren't listed there yet but there's lots to explore.

Also, I'm not a DE, I'm a pattern maker cum writer. I just work with designers so I've have an idea of the problems they have to work through. Becoming a writer was an accident and not something I'm entirely comfortable with. It kind of conflicts with my blue-collar values (you know, making stuff rather than just talking about it). Anyway, I've been working in factories as (mostly) a pattern maker for over 25 years so I've been around, seen a lot. Just thought I'd explain that I'm not a designer and have no desire to become one -pattern makers also make more than designers :)
Thanks for dropping by, Kathleen. I think your site really kicks ass and can't wait to work my way through the tutes!

I find it interesting that pattern makers make more than designers...although it's really a matter of supply and demand -- everybody want to indulge their creative side, but if it weren't for patternmakers then there won't be the stock on the shelves!
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