Thursday, March 02, 2006


Pouch for a tin whistle

My husband's dad asked me to make a pouch to hold the tin whistle which he gave to his friend for his birthday. Unfortunately, he did not ask me until the tin whistle is already out of his possession, so I had to guestimate the dimensions based on his descriptions..."about a foot long and as thick as your finger." Well, here's to hoping it fits.

I am always extra meticulous about my sewing when it is a gift and I know exactly who the gift is going to. I think I went a little overboard here, from ordering the kind of rustic plaid that I think would go well with a tin whistle, to choosing a topstitched pouch design that ensured there would be no raw seams inside the pouch to little touches like the hand finished blanket stitching on the top of the loop that hold the flap and the slight angling of the end of the flap to make the flap easier to insert into the loop.

Sometimes, it is very satisfying to make something very simple very well.
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Most people wouldn't bother being meticulous over such a simple project and from experience, I know a lot of people wouldn't be too impressed with your skills based on this project but they don't know any better. I am really really impressed with your skills, this is a fine piece of work!

It's inappropriate for me to suggest anything since I don't know anything about you (or your career goals) but I'd think you'd get a lot of enjoyment out of learning some pattern making.
I'd like to make one of those - I am a whistle player and I love do-it-yourself (apart that I can't find one, hem); but I don't even know where to begin.

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