Thursday, February 23, 2006


Organization will set you free

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This is my sewing station. I made a combination pressing surface/organizer by folding up one edge of a towel and sewing vertically into a row of pockets to keep my necessaries in. It's awfully handy. The advantage of keeping the machine on an arrangement like this is that I can press without getting out of my place. I do my pressing much more conscienciously now that I can keep my iron hot by my side to apply as necessary instead of having to schlepp the whole thing over to the ironing board.

Another organization tip for you -- I keep a metal cup inside one of the little pockets in my organizer right near the needle on the machine. Then I take care to snip my threads close to the fabric and dropping the ends into the cup. This extra fraction of a second I spend taking care of this detail on every seam saves me time in the long run as I no longer have finished work full of hanging thread ends to be snipped off and my work area is not liberally peppered with linty bits!

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