Thursday, February 23, 2006

I know I know. How many bags does one girl need, right? This project is a little bit more involved...this is a hobo bag I bought in Italy a few years ago. I love it. It's easy and very versatile. But now the fabric is looking tired and stained on the bottom and I decided to take it apart so I can figure out how to sew a replica out of fresh fabric.
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I've already made a couple of tentative copies, but I really want to get the proportions right and I'm also curious about how they did the bottom seam.
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There's nothing that makes a seamstress out of you like figuring out how to do something by taking it apart. It's not just getting the pattern pieces flat. A seam reveals the secrets of how it was constructed in reverse when you slowly take it apart thread by thread. Most home sewers I know seem to shy away from the term "seamstress", and I agree it is an old fashioned term. But I like it.
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These are the relevant carcass pieces to make the pattern out of. I am going to recycle some old drapes to make those bags.

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